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Your congregation is not alone. Associations exist to make clear our understanding that congregations are not isolated silos. We exist to say that we need and care for another, that we have a united mission, and that by freely cooperating together, we can accomplish far more for the cause of Christ than by acting alone.

The Apostle Paul, in 1 Corinthians 12:12-27, compares the church to a body, specifically to the “body of Christ.” Christ is the head of this body, that has many other “members” or “parts.”  Within a local congregation, the “members” or “parts” are individual Christians, with each part, like a hand, foot or eye, having a specific function or functions (vv. 12-17). Each part is needed (v. 21) and put in its place by God (v. 27.) Christ’s body is called on to care for and support all of the other individual parts and thereby to care for the unified whole (vv. 25-26) This image of the body is not limited to a single church congregation. Paul’s grand vision of the Body of Christ includes the worldwide church of all nationalities and of all languages united under the headship of Jesus. Each of our churches is a part of something far bigger than our own local congregation.

The MMBA exists to:

  1. Provide fellowship, support and  encouragement between pastors & ministerial staff, and between churches in our association.
  2. Encourage doctrinal unity.
  3. Encourage commitment to missions, and to provide resources to help Churches fulfill Christ’s mission.
  4. Promote cooperative mission opportunities between churches and their members.
  5. Design and implement a mission strategy of church planting, church replanting and church strengthening for the Mid-Maryland region.
  6. Serve as the “voice” of the denomination in their local communities.
  7. Serve as a communication liaison between churches, and the state and national entities of the SBC.

If your church may be interested in being a part of the exciting work of the MMBA, please contact Rev. Larry Steen, our MMBA Director of Missions.

Phone: (410) 596-4257