Battery/Solar Powered Video Projection System

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One of the most valuable resources available to us today for sharing the gospel with people of another language group is the JESUS FILM. Available at minimal cost in over 1600 languages, the JESUS FILM tells the story of Jesus from the perspective of the Gospel of Luke and has been seen by millions of people world wide.

Suppose you wished to show the film to a group of up to 200 people and you were in a remote village without electricity? Would you have to drag along a noisy generator and fuel? (Not to mention a LONG extension cord to keep the generator noise far enough away so as not to drown out the sound?)

What if you had a projection system that could use ordinary electrical current OR was was battery powered, and rechargeable by sunlight? What if it would all conveniently fit into a backpack? What if a very compact portable screen was also available that you could hang from a wall or a post?

This is no longer a “What if… .” The MMBA has acquired such as system for member churches to use here in the US or on your next mission overseas trip. For more information and scheduling, contact the associations DOM at