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The MMBA is a partnership of nearly sixty churches located in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area. Our network of congregations empowers one another to effectively engage the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our 1st Annual MMBA Prayer Breakfast was held on May 25th with guest speaker, Dr. Chuck Lawless.

It was an outstanding event for all who attended. Dr. Lawless noted that sometimes pastors are guilty of encouraging folks to pray without giving practical instruction on how to keep our prayer lives vital and alive. His intent in this session was to commit no such fault, and to give us practical instruction, both on the importance of prayer and its practice. First, Dr. Lawless, with amazing insight, took us on a birds-eye view all the instances in which Jesus prayed, as recorded in the Book of Luke. From this brief study of Luke, it was clear that prayer in Jesus’ life was frequent; it came most naturally and at any moment; and significantly, it always seemed to be the first step preceding any powerful action of the Father. Clearly if we wish to see God’s hand at work in our lives, we need to learn from the pattern we see in Jesus. Unceasing, sincere prayer (not instant gratification in prayer) sets the groundwork for God’s action. Dr. Lawless then concluded his message by sharing a half dozen practical suggestions to help us maintain a fresh and vibrant prayer life.

If only we would pray like Jesus! Admittedly, prayer hardly comes naturally to us, and like the early disciples, we still today cry out to the Lord to “teach us to pray!” Our purpose in prayer is two-fold – to continually show our love for Jesus and to continually show our need for Jesus. As we learn to pray and develop stronger prayer habits, our goal is that prayer becomes a part of our Christian DNA, that our entire life is infused with prayer, and that we learn to pray more like Jesus, which in turn sets the stage for God to advance his purposes in and through us.

Our prayer breakfast would not have been complete without a time of directed prayer. It was a super event! You will not want to miss our 2nd Annual Prayer Breakfast planned for Spring 2010!

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