Our Mission

The MMBA is a partnership of nearly sixty churches located in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area. Our network of congregations empowers one another to effectively engage the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The MMBA currently offers small group gatherings for pastors to come together to discuss relevant ministry topics, pray and encourage each other.

There are four locations throughout Carroll and Howard Counties with new groups forming soon.

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Thoughts on supporting church planters in the city

Thoughts from MMBA pastor Dan Hyun on supporting church planters in the city: “Real thoughts on urban church planting as I remember when our church was broken into a few years ago: Having stuff stolen stinks but in the big picture, it’s only stuff. However, it raises thoughts on the…

Is Your Church Planning a Mission Trip in 2020?

If so. let us know of your plans… 1.       so we can pray for you. 2.       so we can help support you with volunteers. Why not let motivated volunteers from other churches go along with you? Need special skills – pastors, nurses, translators, VBS workers? There may be some folks in our…

MMBA 2019 Annual Meeting DOM Message, “The Untopable Story”

The “Untopable Story” – shared at our MMBA Annual meeting.                The comedian, Brian Regan, has a hilarious routine entitled the  “Me Monster” – you can check him out on YouTube. We have all met the “me monster.” That’s the guy who always turns the focus of every conversation toward…