Is the MMBA in your church’s mission budget?

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With this being the budget planning season for many churches, I simply want to encourage your church not to overlook the MMBA in your church missions budget. 
   For those of you who have generously supported us in the past and have already budgeted contributions to the Association for 2020, we wish to give you a hearty THANK YOU for your partnership as we seek to empower and strengthen one another in carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus. 
   For those of you who have not yet included the MMBA in your 2020 budget, please be aware that the MMBA has no other source of income outside of contributions from our member churches sent directly to our association. Recently, I have had more than a few conversations with pastors who believed they were supporting the MMBA when they gave to the Cooperative Program. The truth is, the MMBA does NOT receive any Cooperative Program dollarsWe rely totally on your direct contributions.

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