What a Blast! 3rd Annual MMBA Sportsman’s Day

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Over 100 people enjoyed our 3rd Annual Sportsman’s Day at Friendly Farm Restaurant on August 24th. We want to thank some folks for a job well done! First to Larry Wilhelm and his staff at Friendly Farm for providing a great venue for the event and some wonderful food. Another big thank you goes out to Tracey Groves and his team from Heartwoods Outdoors for their professionalism as they assisted beginners and pros alike with our trap shooting event. Tracey and his crew also oversaw the archery range as kids and adults tried their luck at shooting a frisbee with a bow and arrows. Thanks too to Gary Buchman who did a great job with the archery range using still targets, and for delivering a timely message from God’s Word.

If you enjoyed this event this year, plan to come out again next year and bring a friend! We will email those who registered on-line with the specifics as we get closer to the 2020 event. If you have suggestions for j=how we might improve this event, please let us know!

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