The 2nd Annual Sportsman’s Day – A Fun Day of Fellowship

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Tracy Groves, from Heartwood Outdoors Ministries

It was a gorgeous August day on August 25th for our Second Annual MMBA Sportsman’s Day at Friendly Farm Restaurant, in Upperco, Maryland. A special thanks goes out to Larry Wilhelm of Friendly Farms for hosting the event and organizing the meal; Tracy Groves, and his team from Heartwood Outdoors and Pastor Gary Buchman for organizing our shotgun and archery events; and and for Brother Gary leading us in a time of devotion at lunch.

With hardly a cloud in the sky and high temperatures in the 70’s, combined with enjoyable Christian fellowship and hearty food, it was a perfect day. (When was the last time you you went to an all-you-can-eat picnic including wild boar chili, venison stew, elk burgers,traditional hot dogs and hamburgers along with all the the fixings?)

In our friendly, just-for-fun shooting competition, our first place winners were:

-Ron McGee (from Manchester Baptist) – men’s trap shooting.

-Amanda Gaily (also from Manchester Baptist, who has never shot trap – or even a shotgun- before in her life!)  -women’s trap shooting, and

-Fred McGillis (from Westminster Baptist) – archery.

Since ours is a high-budget, nationally-recognized competition, each first place winner was awarded a grand prize of a $15 gift certificate from Walmart, and received the adoring adulation of the crowd.

We are planning a similar event next August with date and time to be announced. Plan to come out for this enjoyable event and bring along an un-churched sportsman friend who would have the opportunity to not only rub shoulders with some Christians who can have some fun, but also have the opportunity to hear a brief gospel presentation.

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