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Register Here for the May 22 Pastor/Staff Luncheon

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The May MMBA Pastors and Staff Luncheon will be held at the Westminster Rescue Mission from noon to 2 pm on May 22. The Director, Carol Bernstein, will share with us the work of the mission and give us a guided tour.

Why are we going to the Rescue Mission? To make you aware of a much needed resource for dealing with persons n our churches and communities struggling with addictions. Consider this –  How will your church minister to the son of one of your deacons who has just gotten out of jail for burglary to support his drug habit? He is no longer welcome in his parent’s home because he has robbed them too many times before. Who will house him, test him for drugs, administer legitimate medications that he needs, give him professional Christian counsel, immerse him in God’s Word, help him develop a strong work ethic, give him a purpose by helping in the community, help him get a job when he is clean, and give him a step down level of care as he rejoins society?  If your church cannot do these things, perhaps you might look into the Mission and even consider supporting it in your church budget. (Soon also the mission will be expanding into a women’s shelter as well.)

The OMC will meet at the Mission at 10 AM before the luncheon  Register here for the luncheon

This will be the last luncheon before the summer.


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