MMBA Offers Covid-19 Emergency Grants

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What is the Covid-19 Emergency MMBA Grant?

In light of the drastic impact of the corona virus, the MMBA wants to utilize funds saved over years of faithful stewardship to help churches thrive during this time. The grant will be for a sum of money between $1000 and $5000 given to support the health and mission of churches associated with the Mid-Maryland Baptist Association. When a grant is awarded to church it does not have to be paid back, ever. Typically, a grant is only awarded to a church when there is a specific short term need, and the grant money must be used to fill that need.

How does the grant process work?

When a church is in need – say, they need grants to preserve church staffing, pay essential bills, or maintain or launch key ministries directly related to Covid-19 – they complete the online grant application. The application be reviewed by the MMBA On Mission Council (OMC) at the next meeting (4th Tuesday of the month). You will be notified the week following the OMC meeting whether the grant was approved, declined, or returned for more information. When the MMBA decides to award your church a grant, you’ll receive a check within three weeks of approval and be asked to complete a follow up report to share with the association how the funds were used.

Who is Eligible for a grant?

All contributing churches associated with the MMBA are eligible to apply for a grant. Consideration will be given to churches that:

1)    Have seen their income significantly decreased during the lockdown.

2)    Are seeking to relieve a temporary need.

3)    Are seeking to preserve the job of paid employees.

4)    Are seeking to further the great commission in their community with a direct response to the Covid-19 emergency.

Please fill out the application and submit required documents to apply for the Covid-19 Emergency Grant.

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