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To all our Mid Maryland member Churches, Pastors, and Church Leaders,

   In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and after much consideration, our Mid Maryland Baptist Association On Mission Council has chosen to schedule our MMBA Annual Meeting on-line rather than to attempt a live meeting. 

The meeting is scheduled for Sunday, October 4th at 6 PM. (It was originally to be held at Bethel Baptist Church, in Ellicott City.) It will last approximately 45 minutes to one hour.

1. We encourage your church to elect messengers (according to the following Bylaws provisions) who will plan to attend the virtual meeting.  Only registered messengers are entitled to vote at the meeting.

7.03     Messengers:  Each Member Church may designate, upon notice to the DOM, up to three (3) individuals to serve as its representatives to attend the Annual   Meeting or any Special Meetings of the Association (“Messengers”).  Member Churches which average more than fifty (50) people in attendance for their services (as submitted in their previous year’s annual report) may designate, upon notice to the DOM, another Messenger for each additional twenty-five (25) people above the fifty (50) people average, provided, however, that no Member Church shall have more than ten (10) Messengers. 

2. We ask that churches email us the names and email addresses of your church messengers as soon as possible and no later than Oct 1. Before the meeting, messengers will be sent an email with a link to the online meeting, as well as a link to our online BOOK of REPORTS (which will be made available to churches and messengers by September 1.

3. We ask for your understanding during this difficult time in our nation as we continue to serve our Lord and carry out his Great Commission.

Larry Steen, DOM

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