MMBA 2019 Annual Meeting DOM Message, “The Untopable Story”

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The “Untopable Story” – shared at our MMBA Annual meeting.

               The comedian, Brian Regan, has a hilarious routine entitled the  “Me Monster” – you can check him out on YouTube. We have all met the “me monster.” That’s the guy who always turns the focus of every conversation toward himself. No matter what you’ve done he has done something better. He is an expert at one-ups-man-ship. No matter the story, he will top it. It’s all about Me,Me,ME.

               Brian has a secret fantasy about wishing he was one of the 12 astronauts who walked on the moon. He imagines being at a party, when a “me monster” shows up. The “me monster”  starts bragging about all of his exploits, how he has traveled on business to all the European capitals, how he drove his Porsche on the Autobahn at 130 miles an hour last week, and how he has met movie stars and presidents. Brian imagines just sitting quietly until the “me monster” pauses for a breath. Then he  and casually says, “I walked on the moon, and drove a moon rover on the Sea of Tranquility!’ And then he imagines the “me monster” shutting up because after all, nothing can beat walking on the moon!

               But today I want to tell you something that even beats walking on the moon! It is every Christian’s story. And it is exactly the opposite of the “me monster” boast. It is not a boast about self, but a boast about our amazing God. You see, there is one true God in heaven who created our mind-boggling universe, everything from sub-atomic particles to galaxies in space. He created this amazing thing we call “life” in all of its complexity. He created it out of nothing. He simply spoke it into being. And this amazing God knows me by name! He loves me. He has promised me son-ship in heaven, the gift of the Holy Spirit, the promise that goodness and mercy that will follow me all the days of my life, the promise of eternal life in fellowship with Him in heaven. And even more amazing,  I deserve none of it! I am a sinner deserving His judgment, but God gave me these things just because he loves me.

               The gospel is the ultimate dinner story boast, and it’s not about boasting in ourselves – it’s about boasting in God, boasting in who He is,  and what he has done for us. If you think there is ANYTHING more important in this world than the gospel of Jesus Christ, then you have completely misunderstood the gospel. It is truly the “untopable” story.  –   (Adapted from J.D. Greear, The Gospel Above All, p. 26)

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