Is Your Church Planning a Mission Trip in 2020?

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If so. let us know of your plans…

1.       so we can pray for you.

2.       so we can help support you with volunteers. Why not let motivated volunteers from other churches go along with you? Need special skills – pastors, nurses, translators, VBS workers? There may be some folks in our sister churches who would be able to help! (The earlier you tell us of your plans the greater the chance people will be able to make the provisions to join you.)

3.       so we can help support you with scholarships. (Our OMC is considering relaxing some of our guidelines to make the scholarships available to even more folks! Stay tuned!)

4.       so we my help you obtain needed supplies.  Want a solar powered projector to show the Jesus Film in people’s native language? We have it! Need medical or humanitarian aid supplies? Churche may band together with you to help.

If you supply us with the information, (dates, place, cost, needs, etc.) we will help you get the word out through our association.

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