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We want to ensure that you have as much information as possible about the new BCM/D Health Plan (BCMDHC). Please click on BCMDHC video  for more information about the new health plan.

For additional information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below. If you have any questions about either the video or the questions/answers below, please contact the insurance company directly at 301-855-9393 or send an email to bcmd@worldins.net.

BCM/D Health Plan FAQ

How much savings can I expect to see if I enroll in this new BCM/D health plan?  

As most churches have their insurance either through the individual exchange or small group market, we would expect initial savings of 10-25% off current premium.

Which health network will be used within this plan?

We will be using the most robust national network of either Aetna or Cigna. This will be determined once we receive the rates back from the insurance company.

How is it we can get these savings and have better coverage with large national networks?

By combining the purchasing power of cooperating churches affiliated with BCM/D into a single “Association Health Plan”, we are being viewed as one large employer, rather than many small employers.  

Do I have to be a member of the BCM/D to take part in this plan?

Yes, you must be a member of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware and contribute to the Cooperative Program.

How many plan options will I get to choose from?

We have 7 plans to choose from with deductibles ranging from $750 to $5,000. We also have multiple co-pay and co-insurance options. In addition, there are Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) available. 

What plan features are available in this program that aren’t typically included in small group or individual plans?

With this program, we will be providing a Medical Concierge/Advocacy Service to all members. In the event of a complex diagnosis, surgical recommendation, etc. the medical concierge will work with you to assist in finding the right doctor and hospital that will provide the best quality of care with the best outcomes and scheduling the appointments on your behalf. We will also be providing a Teledoc service that allows you to use your computer or cell phone to communicate with a doctor at night or weekends to provide medical care while in the comfort of your own home.

Do I have to be a full-time employee to obtain this health insurance? 

Yes. You must be a W-2 employee of a BCM/D church who works on average 30 hours per week. 

What rate increases can we expect to receive each year? 

A significant benefit to being part of this large group Association Health Plan is rate stability. During the last two years of the 70+ Associations participating in similar programs, only one received a single digit increase. The other participating associations either had no increase in premium or their rate went down.

Can I include my spouse and children under this health plan?

Yes. Your spouse and children under the age of 26 are eligible for this plan.

What is the process in determining if this program is right for my church and me?

Step 1 is to go to this linkhttp://worldins.net/bcmd-enroll and complete the questionnaire. You can also access the portal site through the BCM/D website. This will allow us to establish the rates for the program. Once underwritten, the rates for the various plan options will be sent back to you.  

When do I need to fill out the quote information to be eligible for this health plan? 

The enrollment portal is now open but will be closing at the end of the business day, Friday, March 6th.

If I go to this portal and complete the questionnaire, am I required to purchase the BCM/D Health Insurance Plan? 

No. Once the underwriting is completed by the insurance company, we will provide the rates to each of the churches that completed the questionnaire. At that time, the church will decide if they wish to participate in the BCM/D Health Plan.

How many people need to enroll for this plan to work? 

For the insurance company to consider underwriting the group, we must have 300 employees sign up through the BCM/D portal.

Grace and Peace,

Tom Stolle

Associate Executive Director


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