Announcing the 2022 MMBA Annual Meeting.

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The 2021 MMBA Annual Meeting was held at Bethel Baptist Church in Ellicott City MD on October 3rd. Ken Cavey (Pastor, Bethel BC) continues to serve as our moderator and Brian Corrick (Pastor, Burntwoods BC) was elected to serve as Vice Moderator. Members of the On Mission Council continuing to serve include Ken and Brian, as well as Josh Vogt (Pastor, Mt Airy BC); new members include Lance Metcalf (Pastor, Liberty BC), Jim Edmondson (Pastor Elders BC) and Woongki (James) Lee (Pastor, hope Korean BC).

The 2022 MMBA meeting will be on October 2, 2022, 6PM, with the place to be announced. Place this date on your calendars and don’t forget to have your church elect messengers to the meeting ahead of time.

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