A Voodoo Witch Doctor and a Mayor

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A Message from your Director of Missions:

     From March 15-22, I  privilege of taking part in a mission trip to Haiti with four other brothers from Westminster BC. Our team led a three-day pastor’s conference in which 75-85 pastors came together each day. Our theme was “Unity in Christ” and we did expositional preaching from the book of Ephesians. The pastors in Haiti are hungry for the Word and the conference was well received. I suspect there will be some preaching in Haiti soon from Ephesians! We also spent time worshiping, praying  and prayer walking with our partner church in the town of Macaty. Let me share two “God moments” of the trip:

     1. There is a voodoo witch doctor in the town, named Meribou. Our teams have spoken to him for 4 years over several mission trips. At first, he wanted nothing to do with us, but over time, he accepted members of our team as his friends. In our last mission trip, he allowed the team to pray over him. Meanwhile, literally hundreds of people back here in the states have been praying for his salvation. In this trip, the question was asked by one of our team members, “Meribou, Easter is coming up, do you know what the significance of Easter is?” Amazingly, Meribou wanted to hear more! After the gospel was presented to him through the telling of the Easter story, he was asked, would you like to receive Jesus as your Savior and Lord? He replied “Yes!” Then and there, on the front step of his home, Meribou prayed a sinner’s prayer. A crowd of 25 or 30 people had gathered during the gospel presentation, and they witnessed the witch doctor confessing Christ! This was HUGE, because Meribou has great influence in this town. Pray that Meribou will grow in the faith, and fully give up his voodoo practices, that others might come to know the Lord through his witness.

     2. Another “God moment” in the trip was an unplanned (at least by us!) meeting of our team, while prayer walking, with the mayor of Macaty. We had just been closing in on some future priorities with church leaders about clean water and sanitation projects and the development of a Christian school for the children of the community, when we were wondering about what kind of government permits would be required for these projects. About an hour later, while prayer walking thru town, we were met by a gentleman who turned out to be a deacon in a nearby evangelical church who also happened to be the Mayor. We asked, “Who do we go to for permits?” Answer: The Mayor! Not only was he “the man” to ask, he was extremely excited about what we were proposing and said he would lend us his full support. God is good!

Larry Steen, Director of Missions, MMBA

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